Santa Fe Sports Massage

Andrea M Schafer, LMT #5026.  Massage to help relieve pain and improve function. 

Balancing the body means optimizing potential.  

I can tolerate the world again. -Anonymous 6/19   

I'm a life-long athlete and rock climber- Andrea is simply the best masseuse I've ever had.  She does great work and is very attentive to needs at a reasonable price.  Well trained, she really listens and investigates issues.  Andrea constantly studies up on new modalities and techniques, and wow, does it show!  Highly recommended to athletes and everyone else.       -Kevin 10/16

     Andrea is skillful and perceptive.  She listens carefully to both what I say and what my body is telling her. She knows when to work deeply, and challenge my old physical patterns, and when to be nourishing and assist me to rebalance and refuel.  My chronic and recurring neck pains have been gone for months after working with her. I go to her for both physical stress and injury, and when I have a sense of needing to be gently returned to a sense of home in my body.  I lay down on her table with a sense of trust and gratitude.       -Kathleen 10/16

     I have been getting bodywork from Andrea for years.  Yet, every time I visit it seems like she has acquired some new technique and is even better than the previous visit!  Using a blend of many techniques, she tailors each session to my specific needs.  Whether visiting due to injury or for body maintenance, I know her knowledge and skill will get me feeling my best in no time.       -Noah 10/16


     Every massage session I have had with Andrea has been marked by healing in my body. The environment she works in and creates is one of peace and is very comfortable. I think everyone would benefit from experiencing the gift for cultivating wellness that Andrea carries.    -Colt 11/16


   I am a student, rock climber, and waitress.  I hold my stress in my low back and shoulders, and use my body to the max.  Andrea is who I refer to others for massage and who I know I can count on to relieve pain and to find where my stress is hiding within my body.  She is intuitive, caring, knowledgeable, gifted, and strong.  She offers tips for my healing between sessions and she genuinely is concerned for my wellbeing. She deserves recognition and support!     -Hannah 11/16


  I have noted a markedly improved, pain-free range of motion.  This morning, I put my hand behind my head.  I have not done that in years.  When I am back in Santa Fe, I will schedule another session with you. You are awesome.  - Dr. Richard  12/16